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2-3m installation height

200 lumen, IP65

5-6 days lighting time when fully charged

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Solar-LED Wall Lighting

Solar powered wall lighting with simple installation methods. Perfectly fit to realise illumination on outside walls or advertisements.

Adaptive lighting system

The adaptive lighting system provides maximal lighting time, even in continuous days of poor weather. The luminosity is adapted to the remaining charge of the battery, to prevent a complete loss of lighting. The luminosity is reduced to adapt to the expected charging times, if there is a lack of sunlight for several days, so the lamp will have enough power to give off enough light.

Temperature control system

The temperature control system prevents the most common source of failure in battery-powered electronics: overheating of the accumulator. This system monitors the temperature of the battery and interrupts the loading cycle to prevent damaging the accumulator.
As soon as the temperature falls under a certain threshold, the loading of battery is continued.

Lighting profiles

Different lighting profiles with various settings provide the possibility to regulate the power of the lamp in the night. Energy-saving profiles to extend the batteries capacity even more, time-controlled light intensity, constant illumination and much more is possible.


Light colors

warmwhite 3000K, neutralwhite 4000K, coldwhite 6000K





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